Kankakee mayflies

IMG_2857.JPGThe earth isn’t just our home it’s home to many different animals and living creatures. This is the Kankakee river in Illinois,USA , it may not look like much but it has a lot of meaning to the community. It’s home to fish and birds all year round , but it is   helpful to the people living in the river side . They use it to relax on boats and jet skis over the summer and when the ice is just right they skate on the frozen water in the winter. There is one thing that the community along this river that happens once a year. At midnight on a full moon eggs hatch from the mud at the bottom of the river. The eggs belong to mayflies , a long bodied fly that dies within 24 hours . The mayflies don’t eat due to the fact that they are to busy to eat, so they do not have mouths.   The life cycle goes : 1. Hatch 2. Fly off and stick to everything 3. Shed skin around 3 and 4 in the afternoon 5. Mate 6. Male finds another female 7. Femal lays eggs and dies   . That is the Kankakee river with it’s  one of a kind mayflies in Illinois, USA ~ kat Thomas


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